FINALLY!!!  After nearly 4 years of fighting vocal chord issues, I'm starting to get some answers, and PRAYERFULLY some resolution!  I go in for surgery on my nose on Monday the 16th of September.  The surgery is supposed to reduce congestion and drainage that inflames my vocal chords, which is what was causing me to lose my voice all the time!  It's been something that I've fought for so long now, that even the glimpse of being to sing again without that problem, gives me so much hope!  I've been to Dr's for nearly 4 years, I've been scoped 5 different times, tried 3 different Ear Nose & Throat Dr.'s, and recently started seeing a Speech Pathologist.  And the whole time, wondered why God doesn't just 'fix' it.  I know he can, effortlessly.  But, I continue to trust that he has a purpose and a plan for me, and to be patient, while he uses every trial for His purpose!  

I would love your prayers that this would be the 'fix' I've been hoping for, but if not, I still remain thankful for the years that I have been able to use my voice to lead people in worship, of a God that deserves nothing less than our EVERYTHING.  God Bless You! 

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