THANK YOU to all of you who came to the ALACCA Benefit Concert!  What a special night of worship.  There was $4,500 raised to help the camp, as well as campers and volunteers signed up for this summer!  It's going…


We are just 1 week away from the ALACCA Benefit Concert!  We would love to have you come join us on June 1st, at CrossPoint Alliance Church in Lewiston, Idaho!  It's at 1330 Powers Ave, and doors open at 6:00…


Here's a "Sneak Peak" at the new T-Shirt design!  It'll be available for the first time, at the ALACCA Benefit Concert, June 1st at 7 PM, at CrossPoint Alliance Church in Lewiston, ID!  Come if ya can!!!!  


I'm excited about this!  If you can make it, come!  It's going to be a BLAST!  Bring a friend!


Spring is FINALLY here!!!  :)  It's no secret, I don't "do" snow....  So needless to say, I'm excited!!!  There are a few different things happening soon that I'm really excited about!  One in particular, that I will be announcing on…


Hi!!!  I'm FINALLY starting to get my voice back!  After being sick, and losing it completely, it's taken a long time to get vocal control again, but I'm glad to say, it's about back to normal!  I've also been working…


I hate to have to do this, but we had to cancel tomorrow night's event, Sunday, January 26th, in Pomeroy, Washington due to illness...  I have Laryngitis and have lost my voice completely.  We will reschedule this event soon!  My…


I'm excited to announce, that some of the new merchandise is here and available in the SHOP tab!!!  For the past few years, I've worn a bracelet just like these as a daily reminder to "Make A Difference".  I thought…


Lots of new things happening!  Be sure to sign up for the latest news on the tab above to be kept up to date!  I have some new merchandise coming in the next couple of weeks!  So keep checking back…


What a busy summer!  Between playing quite a few events, and a  vacation, time just gets away from ya!  I'm hitting the road again tomorrow towards Montana for a weekend full of music and fun!  If you are in the…


Just finished up the first week at ALACCA Bible Camp, and what a thrill it was!  Seeing a group of young people on fire for the Lord is exciting.  During the worship sets, they were even singing, at times, so…


I have arrived in Idaho!!!  Where I'm excited to say, I'll be most all summer long!  I have a growing number of events here over the next several months, from being part of a Creative Arts Conference, to performing with…